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    2021 Grateful 45: At the end of the road

    For several years now, when taking the back roads home from Nagykanizsa, I’ve passed a signpost to Zalaújlak. Each time I’ve promised myself that someday

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    2021 Grateful 46: Potato water and a forgotten backpack

    A few weeks ago, spilling a pot of sweet potato water over the kitchen counter resulted in a major meltdown. I lost my reason and

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    2021 Grateful 47: Glass balls weather

    We woke to a cold house. The electricity had gone out about 4 am. What heat we had built up had quickly dissipated and my

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    An unbridled enthusiasm for life

    Sometimes, when I see a baby or a toddler and they give me a certain look, I know that they’ve been here before. They’re old

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    2020 Grateful 48: Presents I love

    I love to give gifts but I’m not all that bothered about receiving them. I do my Christmas/birthday shopping throughout the year, picking up whatever

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    A field of swans

    For those of you who sailed through menopause without even noticing, I envy you. For those of you who have been through the horrors but

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